How to Create a 4 Year Schedule to Graduate on Time

If you go to a private college or university, you are already familiar with many of your university’s specific requirements, including the core curriculum, flags, and the number of upper-division credits you must take, that all serve as prerequisites to receiving your diploma. Recently I asked my advisor about the possibility of double majoring or adding a minor. As she gave me great recommendations and instructions for my spring semester, I felt like I needed to … Continue reading How to Create a 4 Year Schedule to Graduate on Time

How to Stay Organized in College

Unlike high school, there are fewer assignments and tests in college, causing the value and significance of everything graded to be increased. Missing an essay, test date, or turning something in late can have major repercussions on your grade. In order to make sure that you don’t have any “pop” quizzes (that were actually outlined on the syllabus), finding an organization system that works for you is essential. I have two … Continue reading How to Stay Organized in College

Decorating Your Dorm

After spending half of the summer looking through Pinterest for dorm inspiration, contemplating different duvet covers, and picking the perfect pieces of furniture with my mom, the anticipation to move into my dorm was real. Although we’re already ten weeks into the school year, I wanted to share a few pictures of my room with you and some tips on for decorating your own dorm:   The Walls My … Continue reading Decorating Your Dorm