Twenty things I’ve learned by 20

  1. Back your phone up. I’m saying this reluctantly but iCloud is your best friend when your phone shatters, you get pushed into a pool, or it gets stolen. You’ll appreciate Apple’s ingenuity. I’ve been there, too, a few times.


  1. Education is a blessing. I spent most of middle and high school wishing it was over, ready for the “real world” only to hope I can stay in college forever. In college, you choose your own major, schedule your classes, and absolutely never have to wake up at 6am. Don’t be the freshman who electively choses to take an 8am.


  1. “The words you regret more than the words unsaid are the ones you use to intentionally use to hurt someone.” The wise words of Taylor Swift never cease to fail us, do they? Over the years you’ll begin to learn the power of words. Deliberately using them at someone’s expense, even if they hurt you first, will never make you feel like you won. Be kind, people always remember how you make them feel.


  1. Your mom will always be your best friend, treat her like one. She has literally been by your side for the last twenty years, don’t pretend you’re too busy call her. Plus, nobody reacts better to an A on your midterm than your mom.
  1. 5. Take any internships you can—paid or unpaid. My past two internships gave me more experience and business skills than many of my classes. Plus internships make you a competitive candidate later.


  1. You’ll know your true friends. You can double, triple text them at all hours and they will still respond. They never filter their stories and they are already in the majority of them.
  1. Read the news. The New York Times has a student discount and an app to help you out. Next time you draw a blank, try discussing Tim Cook’s decision to turn down the FBI’s request to unlock an iPhone used in the San Bernadino mass shooting or an informed opinion on the upcoming election.
  1. 8. Friends is the best medicine. Sick, sad, happy? Monica, Rachel, Phobe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross will be there for you, like they’ve been there before. Or at least for 10 seasons and countless reruns.


8. Sleep. Wherever and whenever you can, because assignments pile up and late night outings also seem to take precedence over sleep.

9. Shuffle your music. I confess that I’m the worst at this, but between Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora it’s a lot easier to branch out.

10. Send Thank You notes in the mail. It’s more thoughtful and shows how much you really appreciated the gift. But a text is better than no thank you at all…

 11. It’s okay to put your phone down. When you’re with your family, friends, at a concert, on a hike, take a few minutes away from the screen.


12. Know your strengthens better than your weaknesses. Rather than focus on improving or compensating for your weaknesses utilize your gifts. Focus on your talents and so will others.

13. One word: planner. Two words: Google Calendar. Track your obligations and assignments, so you don’t miss a huge assignment or mix up the midterm dates for one of your classes. Google calendar will send you alerts on your phone, in case you do forget where you should be.

14. Spend time with your pet. You don’t have to be obsessive, but they really miss you when you’re gone. Bring him a new toy or treat. Slip your pup your last bite of chicken, when nobody is looking.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.16.10 AM.png

  1. Ask for help. It sucks at the time, but you have more people on your side than you think.
  1. Take pictures. You don’t need to post all of them all but you’ll definitely love remembering movements you’ve captured over the years.

17. Travel. Go everywhere you can. Road trips count.


  1. You know yourself better than anyone knows you. Make your own decisions and feel confident about them, even if they fail at least you tried.
  1. Brunch is the most important meal of the day. When in doubt ask Siri or do some googling. The options in Los Angeles are infinite. Try: Blu Jam Café, order the crunchy French Toast.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 2.10.27 PM

  1. Red Lipstick. Gwyneth Paltrow said it best: “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a Or a Kick-Ass Red Lipstick.



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