Studying for Finals as Told By Rory Gilmore

Finals week is quickly approaching for the sole purpose of destroying your GPA and recking havoc on both your social life and precious sleep cycle. Here are a few gifs from your ultimate student inspiration, Rory Gilmore, to express the misery you’re feeling during the most stressful week of the year:

When you looked at the study guide your professor posted and realize how much you should have “learned” this semester


Deciding with your friends that you can’t study on an empty stomach, so you all head to the cafeteria… or better yet off campus 


What is hair and makeup?! I’m an intellectual.


When you blame everyone else for your own lack of productivity. “Thanks a lot Netflix and Cafe Gratitude… I’m not grateful for you”

When you call your mom to explain how stressed you are in another language. “jesfhsdghsoifjsdofjoifjeif!!!!!!!”

When you try to find relief in your favorite comfort foods.

When the food doesn’t fill the gaping hole of devastation in your heart, so you turn to your roommate who you haven’t talked to in a week.

When your professor reminds you the exam is cumulative…

When every other sentence or conversation you have starts to becomes a complaint.

When you have no patience for distracting or chatty people in the study room and library

The sadness that ensues when you flip to the short answer portion and don’t understand half of the questions

Proceeding with extreme caution when answering the essay question, providing incredible detail for the terms you know to excuse the ones you barely recall. 

The feeling of relief that floods over you when you finished studying for the night.

Being happy for a day then devoting hours to refreshing your grade online to see if anything has been added

The extreme bliss that overcomes you when you find out you passed all your classes!!

Good luck everyone, you’ve got this. Study hard!


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