It’s Tea Time Somewhere…Your guide to Perfect Tea

My grandmother always said, “A cup of tea makes everything better.” 


Over the past few years my sister and our friend, Isabella, have tried every variation of a tea party. Between our experiences making our own scones, buying pastries, dressing up, dressing down, inviting others guests, and even going to a formal tea house, here are our tips in creating the perfect tea party:

Choose your tea together. Chamomile, Rose, Lavender, Earl Grey, Mint, Green,the list goes on. Pick a flavor you all know you like or haven’t tried before. Make it a group decision. Many people serve two teas a course.


Make sure to have scones, cakes or other sweet bites. Tea should always be paired with something delicious.


Pick a time that works best for you and your guests. Truly it doesn’t matter if you adhere to certain tea guidelines like, afternoon tea at 5. Pick a time you can relax and not have to worry about rushing out.

Switch up the venue. Provided the weather is nice, soak up the sunshine and enjoy your tea outdoors. Do a google search for local tea houses. If you’re in a different country seize the opportunity to see what they consider makes the perfect cup of tea.


 Don’t forget the sides for your cup of tea, cream, sugar, honey, sugar and lemon are all very important.If you’re over 21 its perfectly appropriate to serve champagne or an additional beverage for an opening toast.

Leave your phone in your purse. As much as we all love taking photos for Instagram and Snapchat, tea is about conversation. Nothing breaks up a conversation more than someone scrolling on Facebook feed or texting their boyfriend.


Tea, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Despite all your best efforts you can’t force someone into liking tea, so make sure you appreciate the friends who do because the best thing part of a tea party is the company.

Photography: West Coast Blonde Blog

Taken in London and Versailles, Paris.


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