How to Create a 4 Year Schedule to Graduate on Time

If you go to a private college or university, you are already familiar with many of your university’s specific requirements, including the core curriculum, flags, and the number of upper-division credits you must take, that all serve as prerequisites to receiving your diploma.

Recently I asked my advisor about the possibility of double majoring or adding a minor. As she gave me great recommendations and instructions for my spring semester, I felt like I needed to devise a more long-term plan over my next 3 years so I didn’t miss any classes, which would prevent me from graduating. With the help of my friend’s expertise in schedule planning, we were able to map out the next three years to ensure I can fulfill my major requirements, as well as my minor.

Creating an overview of your future classes is useful for both students trying to add additional majors or minors and need to plan accordingly, but even more so for students who are undeclared and don’t want to take unnecessary classes.

First, use a checklist, your major’s department will have one, to assess which requirements you have taken and which you haven’t.

Then gather all the required courses, flags, and number of upper-division classes you are required to take and input them into a powerpoint.

Here is an example of mine (an English major and journalism minor):

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.52.20 PM

I found this to be a more detailed and comprehensive way of understanding which classes to take, as opposed to the graduation plan your school will usually provide you. Everyone, however, has a different way of scheduling their classes, here is the graduation plan my friend (who is a  Communications major) planned her schedule with her advisor:


*In both cases the schedules were approved by the advisors, you should always refer to your advisors’ advice and instructions.


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