How to Stay Organized in College

Unlike high school, there are fewer assignments and tests in college, causing the value and significance of everything graded to be increased. Missing an essay, test date, or turning something in late can have major repercussions on your grade. In order to make sure that you don’t have any “pop” quizzes (that were actually outlined on the syllabus), finding an organization system that works for you is essential.


I have two methods to ensure I don’t miss anything: a monthly desk planner and a mini planner

Before the 1st of every month I make sure to read over the syllabus for each of my classes and write the due dates of every assignment, quiz, test, midterm, or final date on the monthly desk planner, so I can see an overview of the month. I also include all campus events, club meetings, and planned outings on this calendar. I write each class and extracurricular in a different color.

In my mini planner, which I bring to every class, I also write the assignment dates, in addition to mapping out all the dates I will work on all upcoming assignments. It’s important when a professor changes the date of something to immediately put the new date in the mini planner, so you can change the monthly desk planner, accordingly.

I never plan anything out further than a month, because professors can change due dates for readings, assignments, or tests if the schedule gets pushed back or speeds ahead.


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