Decorating Your Dorm

After spending half of the summer looking through Pinterest for dorm inspiration, contemplating different duvet covers, and picking the perfect pieces of furniture with my mom, the anticipation to move into my dorm was real. Although we’re already ten weeks into the school year, I wanted to share a few pictures of my room with you and some tips on for decorating your own dorm:


The Walls


My Desk:


My bed:



And a picture of me on Move-In-Day…


Where do I start? 

Personally I love Pinterest and think it is a great way to find new ideas and get inspiration, here’s mine below:

Preparing for the Move-In 

It’s important to remember that decorating your dorm room requires a series of steps, starting with proper preparation. After you’ve bought everything on your checklist ( I used this one, you should:

First, separate all your items and organize them by category (bedding, office supplies, clothing, toiletries.)

Then, you’ll need to clearly label the contents of your boxes (this will make unpacking so much easier).

Finally, pack it up and put in your car, because you’re off to college!

Tips for utilizing wall space

Dorms are notoriously small, so one opportunity you have to expand your creativity is your wall space.

If you plan on hanging pictures, frames, lights, or a cork-board make sure you have command hooks (to prevent putting holes in the wall) and measuring tape so everything is straight. I highly recommend bringing a tool box, a good pair of scissors, and duct tape, as well.



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